How To Be A Professional Poker in 3 months

Can you play poker professionally in 3 months or less. We wondered after seeing some advertisements. You’ve probably seen them. One claims that you can learn a language in three months. Another will help you overcome your fear of speaking in public in a week. Playing professional poker  in 3 months should still be possible.

Before we got into poker, we first consulted some organizations behind the advertisements. For example, the language virtuoso Michael Youlden, who appears in Babbel’s advertisements, now speaks 20 languages. The second language, in addition to his mother tongue, may have been a challenge. After that it went quickly, he says. The trick is a system that allows him to learn a new language even in a week’s time.

Learning system

We can be very complicated about it, but we leave that to others. Youlden’s method is simple and can also be used for other learning needs. Buy a good book on the language and a dictionary. That is your basis. Make lists of words that belong together, such as numerals, auxiliary verbs and the like. You hang them on or near places where you are regularly, such as the toilet, the refrigerator, the TV sofa and the like.

Youlden also writes all kinds of texts on 3M-Post it. These are reminders of the lists, words he did not easily remember, sentences he wants to practice and more. During such a learning period, his house is full of 3M stickers.

Finally, collect magazines and audio recordings in the language you want to learn. You read the magazines, trying to better understand what you read. The audio recordings are mainly intended for pronunciation.

Maxwell Maltz

Of course there is much more to say about it. You probably think now, ‘yes, but that is a knowledge process. Professional poker or, for example, skiing are a different kind of skill ‘. That’s true. But in practice it does not seem to make much difference. Because skills can also be practiced in a handy way. The plastic surgeon Maxwell Maltz discovered this.

In 1960 Van Maltz’s book Psycho-Cybernetics was published. The book and its ideas have been (and are) reviled by scientists. We think that is justified. Because, like many other writers, Maltz built on his successful beginnings and made up all sorts of unnecessary things around it in his later books. But the essence of his information is correct. Practitioners tell this in the corridors and you can also hear it from top athletes and poker players who use the technique.


An example best describes the essence of that technique and immediately shows the practice. As you can use it when learning professional poker and skiing. Maltz had three groups of basketball players throw on a basket. They achieved an approximately equal score, for example 3 out of 20 throws. After that one team did nothing more, another started physically throwing the basket daily and a third group started psychological training. The latter group visualized them throwing the ball into the basket.

After two weeks, the first group still threw 3 out of 20 pitches. The other two groups, however, scored 16 out of 20 throws. Both had significantly improved their performance. That one group without actually playing physically. Sports trainers and many others now know that it works. You can train your physical skills, but also your muscles, through psychological work.

Bass technique and / or knowledge

Obviously, for example when skiing or golfing, you must know the basic technique. An experienced skier or golfer can tell and show you this. That basis often turns out to be simple in practice. When working on playing professional poker in 3 months, you naturally start with the rules of the game. After all, they form the starting point of the game.

After the basic technique and / or knowledge you can get started. You can then use the above methods for playing poker. So collecting information, reading, taking notes and the like. And visualize that you are a great poker player. Make it a film in your mind where you practice what you have learned at a poker table or cabinet.

To dream

Dreaming is an extension of visualization. You visualize more or less consciously. With dreams, the knowledge that you acquired works unconsciously. You can of course be someone who says ‘I never dream’. However, according to sleep scientists, everyone dreams, except you may not remember it. If it doesn’t help, it doesn’t harm, we think in this case.

There is a method to make your dreams more emphatic in professional poker in 3 months. To do this, you simply have to read your notes or visualize a bit shortly before you go to sleep. When your brain begins your recovery, which sleep is for, it takes that last information with it. At the end of the sleep cycle, at the final REM stage, you may be dreaming of your poker winnings.

BS (bullshit)

You might dismiss the above as nonsense. We can only say that it works. For example, for professional poker in 3 months you must of course persevere. Don’t say it doesn’t work after a week. That is the biggest problem with people who want to learn something, they drop out too quickly.

The Dutch turn out to be good at this. Did you know there in the Netherlands per capita most ‘help yourself’ – books are sold? But that it is also the country where these books are read least per capita!

Professional poker in 3 months

There are several professional poker players using the above or similar methods. And still use. For example Dutch Boyd is clear about it. He has won several World Series of Poker titles. Boyd confirms that any ‘normal’ person can be a professional poker player in a short time.

Playing is the least important in this regard, he notes. Or as important as reading books, studying videos on training DVDs and sites, watching poker matches, taking notes and rereading them. So applying the learning method described above.

Talent and limitations

Boyd does have a reservation. To become a good professional poker player you also need to have some talent, he says. We mainly think of those extras that distinguish you from ‘normal’, such as having a math knack. But even without an exceptional natural ability, you can become a distinctive greatness.

In general, of course, you shouldn’t have any limitations that get in the way of what you want to learn. For example, without legs it is difficult to play football. And so there are certain limitations in poker, unfortunately somewhat less visible, making the top inaccessible. Or making the game impossible to even play at an acceptable level.


Boyd makes another comment that we would like to take into account when looking at professional poker in 3 months. After all, what is professional? In some environments it means playing at a high level, in others it means being maintained by a sponsor or being able to support yourself with what you do.

In principle, we assume above playing at a high level. There is more to being able to make a living from poker. Boyd points to the bank advantage, which means that most regular players lose. According to him, the majority of professional players only just stay above the line. They should stop and play just for fun. But that is an other story.

The Evolution Of Online Gambling

Online casinos can be seen everywhere, and it can be said that players all over the world have hundreds of online casinos to choose from. But how many people know the development history of this relatively new form of entertainment? The first country that recognized the potential of online casinos and started online casino management was Antigua and Barbuda in the Caribbean.

If people want to enjoy these casinos, they must first develop games, and a number of software companies have emerged. One of the well-known software companies is Microgaming, which started working in this industry in 1994 and is still growing. They have more than 600 casino games, many of the largest casino sites are using their games, and this number is constantly increasing.

Just a few years after the launch of Gaming Club, a large number of online casinos appeared, generating approximately $843 million in revenue in 1998. However, technical limitations prevented many potential players from joining. The old dial-up connection is the main problem. Many people don’t want to download software before playing games. The emergence of broadband Internet has brought a reversal of this situation. Without players downloading any software to the computer, the casino can directly provide smooth, high-quality games. In the past 5 years, mobile networks have also undergone breakthrough development, which has promoted the development of casinos on mobile devices. Players can play casino games on mobile phones and tablets.

Some commercial street betting companies that provide telephone betting services quickly saw this opportunity provided by online casinos and began to develop casinos, poker rooms and sports betting. One of them is Intertops, which was launched in 1983 as a betting company. The casino they own is one of the largest online casinos, providing more than 4,000 sports betting to users in about 180 countries every day.

Poker sites had many problems in the early days, and connecting all players was much more complicated than dial-up connection processing. Poker Planet did not become popular until the beginning of 2000 when some websites like PokerStars, Party Poker and Paradise Poker started to be established. Party Poker was very successful, and its head office was listed on the London Stock Exchange in 2005. But in the same year, due to legal issues faced by all online gambling companies, they encountered setbacks in the US market.

One year the US government decided to ban all online casinos that are not in the United States. The court’s ruling was that the law was not passed. But since then, the judgment about whether the casino is legal has been a little confused. For safety reasons, many operators directly abandoned the US market. In fact, no one has been prosecuted for providing online gambling games to American citizens, and today many people have indicated that they should welcome and support the gambling industry, whose taxes can drive the growth of government treasuries.

Several other countries have fully legally regulated online gambling, including the European Union and South Africa. However, not all casinos are going well. Russia banned all forms of online gambling in 2010.

The entire industry is maturing. There are a large number of casinos listed on various securities transactions around the world, and the gambling industry is gradually being recognized as another form of entertainment. With strict rules and regulations, malicious spam casinos are also greatly reduced.

The development of online gambling has also allowed traditional on-site casinos to put online games on the shelves to help maintain customers. From Las Vegas to London to Macau, billions of dollars have been invested in this industry, providing more choices for casino players who like to play games.